Advice on flying a drone from Bath Drone Boy

A quick blog with some hints and tips for flying a drone. This has been written as advice for flying a Parrot Bebop Drone (V.1) but it can be adapted to other drones of a similar size and camera resolution.

  1. Pick your perfect time and day. 99.9% of your concerns about crashing or poor quality film will be virtually eliminated if you keep and eye on the weather conditions. In the perfect world, you need (a) extremely low to light wind speeds, (b) to film from 12 pm – 3pm whilst the sun is high in the sky. This will help avoid shadows distorting your videos and photos, and (c) a bright blue sky with no clouds. Clouds are annoying and can darken the video footage you capture.
  2. Make sure your technologies are all geared up and ready to go. (A) made sure your drone battery packs and smartphone is all charged up. (B) Make sure your wireless signal is connecting from drone to smartphone.
  3. Fly for film or for fun. It is fun flying a drone. But daredevil tricks and tactics won’t necessarily produce a good video film. If you want to capture footage then slow pans, smooth sailing pass overs, uncomplicated rise and falls, will produce the better visual content. Sometimes, simply allowing your drone to fly high and letting the world you are filming interact naturally, will simply produce good footage.

This blog page will be regularly updated with tips, techniques and tricks. Please leave comments below if you are interested in any aspect of drone flying or would like some advice on a particular topic, or want to offer advice to visitors to this page. Thank you. Bath Drone Boy.


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