Follow me… follow my drone.

A great feature that some drone operating software offers, is the ability to follow and track other drone pilots. Please have a look for me, ‘Bath Drone Boy’ or @bathdroneboy, and add me. Using this feature you will also be able to see where I have flown the drone, even the altitude. 

Search for me on FreeFlight Pro or Parrot website
Receive information about my flights.
You can see where I flew my drone using Google Maps. The redder the line the lower the altitude and the greener the higher. This particular flight looks quite erratic. Was more of a fun flight but still managed to capture some great images.

…so, you can follow me (@bathdroneboy) on Parrots website, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and so on. 

Thanks for reading my blog and make sure you subscribe to keep up to date. Thanks!


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